Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hi Guys 'n gals
A enlightened view I think,
Rob Kempinski says
"If a bonsai display caused a rift I'd say there are other issues at work in your club. Good luck. Talking about anti-traditional, last year when I organized the Bonsai Society of Florida display, I routed the viewers through the display such that as they progressed further into the display the display got progressively less traditional. It started with basic tokonoma display and evolved to a futuristic display that had a root over meteroite bonsai suspended in mid-air in a room blacked out with black plastic on the walls and ceiling, a fog generator providing a misty haze, and a disco light projector synchronized to rotate multicolored lights onto the black plastic in time with Taiko drum music playing in the background (Think "2001 A Space Odyssey"). Most people didn't get it but a few did - and the reaction was worth it. BTW, the tree has lots of potential but could use more ramification. The stand could be a bit wider. As for other trinkets that get displayed with a bonsai, I wouldn't get too excited about them. You were trying to set a mood. Imagine that person's reaction if you had placed a used condomn there."
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